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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

ex•tantˈɛk stənt, ɪkˈstænt(adj.)

  1. still existing; not destroyed or lost:

    only three extant copies of the document.

  2. Archaic. standing out; protruding.

Origin of extant:

1535–45; < L ex(s)tant-, s. of ex(s)tāns, prp. of exstāre to stand out, exist =ex-ex -1+stāre to stand

Princeton's WordNet

  1. extant(adj)

    still in existence; not extinct or destroyed or lost

    "extant manuscripts"; "specimens of graphic art found among extant barbaric folk"- Edward Clodd


  1. extant(Adjective)

    Still in existence.

  2. extant(Adjective)

    Currently existing; not having disappeared.

  3. extant(Adjective)

    Still alive; not extinct.

  4. Origin: First attested in 1545, from extantem, from exto, from ex- + sto.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Extant(adj)

    standing out or above any surface; protruded

  2. Extant(adj)

    still existing; not destroyed or lost; outstanding

  3. Extant(adj)

    publicly known; conspicuous


  1. Extant taxon

    Extant is a term commonly in use in biology to refer to taxa, such as species, genera and families, that are still in existence, meaning still alive as opposed to extinct. For example, the moose is an extant species, while the dodo is an extinct species. Likewise, in the group of molluscs known as the cephalopods, as of 1987 there were approximately 600 extant species and 7,500 extinct species.

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still existing.

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