Definitions for expurgateˈɛk spərˌgeɪt

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Princeton's WordNet

  1. bowdlerize, bowdlerise, expurgate, castrate, shorten(verb)

    edit by omitting or modifying parts considered indelicate

    "bowdlerize a novel"


  1. expurgate(Verb)

    To edit out rude, incorrect, offensive, useless, or otherwise undesirable information from a book, CD or other publication; to cleanse; to purge.

    The publisher decided to expurgate the love scene from the book, to make it more child-friendly.

  2. Origin: From expurgatus, perfect passive participle of expurgo.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Expurgate(verb)

    to purify; to clear from anything noxious, offensive, or erroneous; to cleanse; to purge; as, to expurgate a book

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