Definitions for exemplaryɪgˈzɛm plə ri, ˈɛg zəmˌplɛr i

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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

ex•em•pla•ryɪgˈzɛm plə ri, ˈɛg zəmˌplɛr i(adj.)

  1. worthy of imitation; commendable:

    exemplary conduct.

  2. serving as a warning or deterrent:

    The jury awarded exemplary damages.

    Category: Law

  3. serving as an illustration or specimen; illustrative; typical.

  4. serving as a model or pattern.

  5. of, pertaining to, or composed of examples:

    the exemplary literature of the medieval period.

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Princeton's WordNet

  1. exemplary, model(a)(adj)

    worthy of imitation

    "exemplary behavior"; "model citizens"

  2. emblematic, exemplary, typic(adj)

    being or serving as an illustration of a type

    "the free discussion that is emblematic of democracy"; "an action exemplary of his conduct";

  3. admonitory, cautionary, exemplary, monitory, warning(a)(adj)

    serving to warn

    "shook a monitory finger at him"; "an exemplary jail sentence"


  1. exemplary(Noun)

    An example, or typical instance; an exemplar

  2. exemplary(Adjective)

    Deserving honour, respect and admiration.

  3. exemplary(Adjective)

    Of such high quality that it should serve as an example and sought to be imitated.

  4. exemplary(Adjective)

    Ideal or perfect.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Exemplary(adj)

    serving as a pattern; deserving to be proposed for imitation; commendable; as, an exemplary person; exemplary conduct

  2. Exemplary(adj)

    serving as a warning; monitory; as, exemplary justice, punishment, or damages

  3. Exemplary(adj)

    illustrating as the proof of a thing

  4. Exemplary(noun)

    an exemplar; also, a copy of a book or writing

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worth following as an example

His behaviour is always exemplary.

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