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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

eu•pho•ri•ayuˈfɔr i ə, -ˈfoʊr-(n.)

  1. a strong feeling of happiness, confidence, or well-being.

    Category: Psychology, Cognition

Origin of euphoria:

1880–85; < NL < Gk euphoría state of well-being. See eu -, -phore , -ia

eu•phor′ic-ˈfɔr ɪk, -ˈfɒr-(adj.)

Princeton's WordNet

  1. euphoria, euphory(noun)

    a feeling of great (usually exaggerated) elation


  1. euphoria(Noun)

    An excited state of joy, a good feeling, a state of intense happiness.



    Euphoria was a short-lived band from 1968 to 1969, consisting of Roger Penney,on electric autoharp, Wendy Penney,on Bass guitar, Tom Pacheco,on Acoustic Guitar, and Sharon Alexander. Roger and Wendy were a folk duo performing in Greenwich Village, using the names Roger Becket and Wendy Becket. Euphoria is generally regarded as a sunshine pop group.

U.S. National Library of Medicine

  1. Euphoria

    An exaggerated feeling of physical and emotional well-being not consonant with apparent stimuli or events; usually of psychologic origin, but also seen in organic brain disease and toxic states.

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Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary


a strong feeling of happiness, sometimes leading to overconfidence

After the victory they were in a state of euphoria.

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