Definitions for erethistic-ˈθɪs tɪk; -ˈθɪt ɪk

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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

er•e•thismˈɛr əˌθɪz əm(n.)

  1. an unusual or excessive degree of irritability or stimulation in an organ or tissue.

    Category: Physiology

Origin of erethism:

1790–1800; < F éréthisme < Gk erethismós irritation =ereth(ízein) to irritate +-ismos -ism

er`e•this′mic-ˈθɪs tɪk; -ˈθɪt ɪk(adj.)er`e•thit′ic

er`e•this′tic-ˈθɪs tɪk; -ˈθɪt ɪk(adj.)er`e•thit′ic

Webster Dictionary

  1. Erethistic(adj)

    relating to erethism


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