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Random House Webster's College Dictionary


  1. upright and straight in position or posture:

    to sit erect.

  2. raised or directed upward or outward:

    a dog with ears erect.

  3. (of an organ or part) in a state of physiological erection.

  4. (of a plant part) vertical throughout:

    an erect stem.

    Category: Botany

  5. Optics. (of an image) having the same position as the object; not inverted.

    Category: Optics

  6. (v.t.)to build; construct; raise.

    Category: Building Trades

  7. to raise and set in an upright or vertical position.

  8. to set up or establish, as a system or an institution; found.

  9. to bring about; cause to come into existence:

    to erect barriers to progress.

  10. Geom. to draw or construct (a line or figure) upon a given line, base, or the like.

    Category: Math

  11. Optics. to change (an inverted image) to the normal position.

    Category: Optics

  12. (v.i.)to become erect; stand up or out.

Origin of erect:

1350–1400; ME < L ērēctus, ptp. of ērigere to raise, elevate


Princeton's WordNet

  1. erect, vertical, upright(adj)

    upright in position or posture

    "an erect stature"; "erect flower stalks"; "for a dog, an erect tail indicates aggression"; "a column still vertical amid the ruins"; "he sat bolt upright"

  2. tumid, erect(verb)

    of sexual organs; stiff and rigid

  3. raise, erect, rear, set up, put up(verb)

    construct, build, or erect

    "Raise a barn"

  4. rear, erect(verb)

    cause to rise up

Kernerman English Learner's Dictionary

  1. erect(adjective)ɪˈrɛkt

    sitting or standing up very straight

    her erect posture

  2. erect(verb)ɪˈrɛkt

    to build a structure

    The building was erected in 2000.


  1. erect(Verb)

    To put up by the fitting together of materials or parts.

  2. erect(Verb)

    To cause to stand up or out.

  3. erect(Adjective)

    Upright; vertical or reaching broadly upwards.

  4. erect(Adjective)

    Rigid, firm; standing out perpendicularly.

  5. Origin: From Latin erectus upright, past participle of erigere raise or set up from e- up + regere to direct, keep straight, guide.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Erect(adj)

    upright, or having a vertical position; not inverted; not leaning or bent; not prone; as, to stand erect

  2. Erect(adj)

    directed upward; raised; uplifted

  3. Erect(adj)

    bold; confident; free from depression; undismayed

  4. Erect(adj)

    watchful; alert

  5. Erect(adj)

    standing upright, with reference to the earth's surface, or to the surface to which it is attached

  6. Erect(adj)

    elevated, as the tips of wings, heads of serpents, etc

  7. Erect(verb)

    to raise and place in an upright or perpendicular position; to set upright; to raise; as, to erect a pole, a flagstaff, a monument, etc

  8. Erect(verb)

    to raise, as a building; to build; to construct; as, to erect a house or a fort; to set up; to put together the component parts of, as of a machine

  9. Erect(verb)

    to lift up; to elevate; to exalt; to magnify

  10. Erect(verb)

    to animate; to encourage; to cheer

  11. Erect(verb)

    to set up as an assertion or consequence from premises, or the like

  12. Erect(verb)

    to set up or establish; to found; to form; to institute

  13. Erect(verb)

    to rise upright


  1. Erect

    Erect, North Carolina is an unincorporated community in Randolph County, North Carolina, United States, and part of the Piedmont Triad metropolitan region. Erect is located on NC 42, seven miles east of the North Carolina Zoo in Asheboro, and two miles west of Coleridge. Erect was founded in the 18th century by German and English settlers, along with the nearby communities of Steeds, Sophia, Whynot, Hemp, and Lonely. Many of these settlers were known for their pottery-making skills. The 15-square mile region surrounding the town of Seagrove, twelve miles to the southeast, is known as the "Pottery Capital of North Carolina." Erect is located in the vicinity of the "North Carolina Pottery Highway", a collection of approximately 100 potteries and galleries along NC 705 in Randolph and Moore counties. Goss Lake, Goss Lake Dam, and the Lambert Mill Dam are located in the Erect quad.

British National Corpus

  1. Verbs Frequency

    Rank popularity for the word 'erect' in Verbs Frequency: #863

Anagrams of erect

  1. Crete

  2. terce

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Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary


to set up; to put up or to build

They erected a statue in his memory; They plan to erect an office block there.

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