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  1. ere(Noun)


  2. ere(Interjection)

    used for emphasis at the beginning of a sentence when expressing an opinion or want.

    u2019Ere, why don't we get some cigarettes?

  3. Origin: Old English ǣr. (adverb, conjunction, & preposition), from airiz comparative of air, from ayer- (compare Avestan 0B000B2B0B000B2D, Gk. ἠέριος, see also era). The adverb erstwhile retains the Old English superlative ærest.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Ere(adverb)

    before; sooner than

  2. Ere(adverb)

    rather than

  3. Ere(verb)

    to plow. [Obs.] See Ear, v. t

  4. Origin: [AS. r, prep., adv., & conj.; akin to OS., OFries., & OHG. r, G. eher, D. eer, Icel. r, Goth. air. 204. Cf. Early, Erst, Or, adv.]

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