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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

ep•i•sod•icˌɛp əˈsɒd ɪk, -ˈzɒd-(adj.)

also ep`i•sod′i•cal

  1. pertaining to or of the nature of an episode.

  2. divided into separate or tenuously related parts or sections; loosely connected:

    an episodic novel.

  3. occurring sporadically or incidentally.

Origin of episodic:



Princeton's WordNet

  1. episodic(adj)

    of writing or narration; divided into or composed of episodes

    "the book is episodic and the incidents don't always hang together"

  2. episodic, occasional(adj)

    occurring or appearing at usually irregular intervals

    "episodic in his affections"; "occasional headaches"

  3. episodic(adj)

    limited in duration to a single episode

    "an account concerned primarily with episodic events such as the succession of rulers"


  1. episodic(Adjective)

    relating to an episode

  2. episodic(Adjective)

    sporadic, happening infrequently and irregularly

  3. episodic(Adjective)

    made up a sequence of seemingly unconnected episodes

  4. Origin: . Compare épisodique.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Episodic(adj)

    alt. of Episodical


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