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  1. Eozoon(noun)

    a peculiar structure found in the Archaean limestones of Canada and other regions. By some geologists it is believed to be a species of gigantic Foraminifera, but others consider it a concretion, without organic structure

  2. Origin: [NL., fr. Gr. 'hw`s dawn + zw^,on an animal.]


  1. Eozoon canadense

    Eozoön canadense is a pseudofossil. John William Dawson described the banded structures of coarsely crystalline calcite and serpentine as a gigantic Foraminifera, making it the oldest known fossil. It was found in Precambrian metamorphosed limestone of Canada, at Côte St. Pierre near Grenville in 1863. It was later found in several other localities. Dawson called it "one of the brightest gems in the scientific crown of the Geological Survey of Canada". In 1894, it was shown that the place where it was found was associated with metamorphism. Similar Eozoön structures were subsequently found in metamorphosed limestone blocks erupted from Mt. Vesuvius, where high-temperature physical and chemical processes were responsible for their formation.


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