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  1. Eons

    Eons is a social network targeted for people over 50 years old (US residents only). As of Late January, Eons is open to all ages 13 and older. The Sequoia-backed company was started by founder Jeff Taylor.In September of 2007, Eons shed 24 staff members and another 12 employees “voluntarily” left. As Duncan Riley wrote, “Apparently old people aren’t dying to use Eons.”BOOMj is another social network targeting seniors.…june 3, 2012… To our Eons members, We know many you have all been waiting patiently for news on the future of the site. As a team, we have been working to resolve the business issues with our service provider. We have negotiated in good faith to restore the site and move forward. Unfortunately our provider is demanding a financial commitment that we cannot make at this time. We are at an impasse. While we have worked behind the scenes to try to come up with an alternative to get the site restored, none of those have worked out either. For the foreseeable future, the site will remain down.



    Boom, Boom, Boom — Have you heard it? It’s the beat of our generation of Boomers and Seniors - many of us at Eons included - who want to live the biggest life possible. Collectively, we intend to do, see, learn, and be more on the way to the reachable goal of living to 100. My new company, Eons, is all about celebrating life on the flipside of 50™. I want to invite you to start thinking about the unprecedented opportunity to travel and explore, to re-invent our careers, to nurture relationships, to give back to the community … to live life to the fullest. With the longevity revolution, the 50+ generation has the potential to live nearly 20 years more than our grandparents did. This creates the longest, most unstructured and dare I say most exciting time of our lives. If you’re under 50, join me in being an evangelist for Eons and challenge yourself to see how many friends and family you can inspire to live the biggest life possible. Be loud and be proud about your age. Let’s Live to Be 100 (or die trying)! Jeff Taylor Founder and CEO, Eons

Anagrams for eons »

  1. ones, one's

  2. noes

  3. Enos

  4. nose

  5. ENSO

  6. NEOs

  7. sone

  8. Ones

Sample Sentences & Example Usage

  1. Carl DeHaven:

    Truth of Existence I'm getting pretty tired of you humans pissing around wit' da bickering t'ween ya's. I have given all of ya what c'ha need to fulfill yer purpose. Think this is a game? It ain't! Don't you humans have any idea? What I see is the masses have for eons let themselves be lead about hither and yon by a minority gang that is totally self serving! I'm not gonna wait much longer for ya'll to get yer s..t together. You won't like how I'll bring ya's up to grade. KnowyerLoved, CWD

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