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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

en•trailsˈɛn treɪlz, -trəlz(

  1. the inner organs of the body.

    Category: Anatomy, Zoology

  2. the intestines.

    Category: Anatomy, Zoology

  3. the internal parts of anything; insides.

Origin of entrails:

1250–1300; ME entrailles < AF, MF < VL *interālia (cf. early ML intrālia), alter., by suffix change (see -al1), of L interānea guts, neut. pl. of interāneus

Princeton's WordNet

  1. viscera, entrails, innards(noun)

    internal organs collectively (especially those in the abdominal cavity)

    "`viscera' is the plural form of `viscus'"


  1. entrails(Noun)

    The internal organs of an animal, especially the intestines.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Entrails

    the internal parts of animal bodies; the bowels; the guts; viscera; intestines

  2. Entrails

    the internal parts; as, the entrails of the earth

Anagrams of entrails

  1. larnites, latrines, ratlines, retinals, trainels, trenails

Translations for entrails

Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary

entrails(noun plural)

the internal parts of the body, especially the intestines

a chicken's entrails.

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