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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

en•hance*ɛnˈhæns, -ˈhɑns(v.t.)-hanced, -hanc•ing.

  1. to raise to a higher degree; intensify; magnify.

  2. to increase the value, attractiveness, or quality of; improve.

  3. to provide with more complex or sophisticated features, as a computer program.

    Category: Computers

* Syn: See elevate.

Origin of enhance:

1325–75; ME enhauncen < AF enhauncer, appar. for OF enhaucer=en-en -1+haucer to raise; see haughty )


Princeton's WordNet

  1. enhance, heighten, raise(verb)


    "This will enhance your enjoyment"; "heighten the tension"

  2. enhance(verb)

    make better or more attractive

    "This sauce will enhance the flavor of the meat"

Kernerman English Learner's Dictionary

  1. enhance(verb)ɛnˈhæns, -ˈhɑns

    to improve

    an attempt to enhance education using technology; drugs that enhance athletic performance; enhanced TV picture quality


  1. enhance(Verb)

    To lift, raise up.

  2. enhance(Verb)

    To augment or make something greater.

  3. enhance(Verb)

    To improve something by adding features.

  4. Origin: enhauncen, from enhauncer, from enhaucier, from *, from in + altus.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Enhance(verb)

    to raise or lift up; to exalt

  2. Enhance(verb)

    to advance; to augment; to increase; to heighten; to make more costly or attractive; as, to enhance the price of commodities; to enhance beauty or kindness; hence, also, to render more heinous; to aggravate; as, to enhance crime

  3. Enhance(verb)

    to be raised up; to grow larger; as, a debt enhances rapidly by compound interest

British National Corpus

  1. Verbs Frequency

    Rank popularity for the word 'enhance' in Verbs Frequency: #555

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Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary


to make to appear greater or better.

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