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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

em•a•nateˈɛm əˌneɪt(v.)-nat•ed, -nat•ing.

  1. (v.i.)to flow out, issue forth; originate.

  2. (v.t.)to send forth; emit.

Origin of emanate:

1780–90; < L ēmānātus, ptp. of ēmānāre to flow out =ē-e - +mānāre to flow, pour


Princeton's WordNet

  1. emanate(verb)

    proceed or issue forth, as from a source

    "Water emanates from this hole in the ground"

  2. exhale, give forth, emanate(verb)

    give out (breath or an odor)

    "The chimney exhales a thick smoke"


  1. emanate(Verb)

    To come from a source; stem out of

  2. emanate(Verb)

    To send or give out; manifest.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Emanate(verb)

    to issue forth from a source; to flow out from more or less constantly; as, fragrance emanates from flowers

  2. Emanate(verb)

    to proceed from, as a source or fountain; to take origin; to arise, to originate

  3. Emanate(adj)

    issuing forth; emanant

Anagrams of emanate

  1. enemata, manatee

Translations for emanate

Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary


to flow out; to come out (from some source).

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