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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

el•o•quent*ˈɛl ə kwənt(adj.)

  1. skilled in fluent, forceful, and appropriate speech.

  2. exhibiting forceful and appropriate expression.

  3. (of actions, gestures, etc.) forcefully expressive.

* Syn: eloquent , articulate both refer to effective language or an effective user of language. eloquent implies vivid, moving, and convincing expression: an eloquent plea for disarmament. articulate suggests fluent, clear, and coherent expression: an articulate speaker.

Origin of eloquent:

1350–1400; ME (< AF) < L ēloquent-, s. of ēloquēns, orig. prp. of ēloquī to utter, put into words =ē-e - +loquī- speak


Princeton's WordNet

  1. eloquently, articulately(adverb)

    with eloquence

    "he expressed his ideas eloquently"

  2. articulately, eloquently(adverb)

    in an articulate manner

    "he argued articulately for his plan"


  1. eloquently(Adverb)

    In an eloquent manner; stated well.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Eloquently(adverb)

    in an eloquent manner

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