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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

eightheɪtθ, eɪθ(adj.)

  1. next after the seventh.

  2. being one of eight equal parts.

  3. (n.)an eighth part, esp. of one (?).

  4. the eighth member of a series.

  5. (adv.)in the eighth place; eighthly.

Origin of eighth:

bef. 1000; ME eightethe, OE eahtotha. See eight , -th2


Princeton's WordNet

  1. eighth(noun)

    position eight in a countable series of things

  2. one-eighth, eighth(adj)

    one part in eight equal parts

  3. eighth, 8th(adj)

    coming next after the seventh and just before the ninth in position

Kernerman English Learner's Dictionary

  1. eighthɪtθ, eɪθ

    in the number 8 position

    the eighth time I called her; eighth on the list

  2. eighthɪtθ, eɪθ

    one of eight equal parts

    Cut the cake into eighths.


  1. eighth(Noun)

    (eighth ones is used for the plural) The person or thing in the eighth position.

  2. eighth(Noun)

    One of eight equal parts of a whole.

  3. eighth(Noun)

    An "eighth" of an ounce equalling approximately 3.5 grams in marijuana or other drugs.

  4. eighth(Adjective)

    The ordinal form of the number eight.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Eighth(adj)

    next in order after the seventh

  2. Eighth(adj)

    consisting of one of eight equal divisions of a thing

  3. Eighth(noun)

    the quotient of a unit divided by eight; one of eight equal parts; an eighth part

  4. Eighth(noun)

    the interval of an octave

British National Corpus

  1. Written Corpus Frequency

    Rank popularity for the word 'eighth' in Written Corpus Frequency: #3065

Anagrams of eighth

  1. height

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Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary


one of eight equal parts

They each received an eighth of the money.

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