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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

ef•fer•entˈɛf ər ənt(adj.)

  1. conveying or conducting away from an organ or part

    Category: Anatomy, Physiology

    Ref: (opposed to afferent 1 ).

  2. (n.)an efferent part, as a nerve or blood vessel.

    Category: Anatomy, Physiology

Origin of efferent:

1830–40; < L efferent-, s. of efferēns, prp. of efferre to carry away =ef-ef - +ferre to bear1


Princeton's WordNet

  1. motor nerve, efferent nerve, efferent(adj)

    a nerve that conveys impulses toward or to muscles or glands

  2. efferent, motorial(adj)

    of nerves and nerve impulses; conveying information away from the CNS

    "efferent nerves and impulses"


  1. efferent(Adjective)

    Carrying away from.

    An efferent nerve carries impulses from the brain to the body.

  2. Origin: From efferens, present active participle of effero, from e, short form of ex, + fero.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Efferent(adj)

    conveying outward, or discharging; -- applied to certain blood vessels, lymphatics, nerves, etc

  2. Efferent(adj)

    conveyed outward; as, efferent impulses, i. e., such as are conveyed by the motor or efferent nerves from the central nervous organ outwards; -- opposed to afferent

  3. Efferent(noun)

    an efferent duct or stream

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