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Random House Webster's College Dictionary


  1. something that is produced by an agency or cause; result; consequence.

  2. power to produce results; efficacy; force:

    The protest had no effect.

  3. the state of being effective or operative; operation or execution:

    to bring a plan into effect.

  4. a mental or emotional impression produced, as by a painting or speech.

  5. general meaning or purpose; intent:

    I wrote a letter to that effect.

  6. the making of a desired impression:

    The expensive car was only for effect.

  7. an illusory phenomenon:

    a three-dimensional effect.

  8. a scientific phenomenon (usu. named for its discoverer):

    the Doppler effect.

  9. (v.t.)to produce as an effect; bring about; accomplish:

    to effect a change.

Idioms for effect:

  1. in effect, essentially; basically.

    Category: Idiom

  2. take effect, to go into operation; begin to function. to produce a result.

    Category: Idiom

* Syn: effect , consequence , result refer to something produced by an action or a cause. An effect is that which is produced, usu. more or less immediately and directly: The drug had the effect of producing sleep. A consequence , something that follows naturally or logically, as in a train of events or sequence of time, is less intimately connected with its cause than is an effect: One consequence of a recession is a rise in unemployment. A result may be near or remote, and often is the sum of effects or consequences as making an end or final outcome: The English language is the result of the fusion of many different elements.Usage: See affect1.

Origin of effect:

1350–1400; ME < L effectus the carrying out (of a task, etc.), hence, that which is achieved, outcome



  1. effectible(Adjective)

    Capable of being done or achieved.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Effectible(adj)

    capable of being done or achieved; practicable; feasible


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