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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

ef•faceɪˈfeɪs(v.t.)-faced, -fac•ing.

  1. to wipe out; do away with; expunge:

    to efface sad memories.

  2. to rub out, erase, or obliterate (outlines, traces, inscriptions, etc.).

  3. to make (oneself) inconspicuous; withdraw (oneself) modestly or shyly.

Origin of efface:

1480–90; < MF effacer. See ef -, face


Princeton's WordNet

  1. obliterate, efface(verb)

    remove completely from recognition or memory

    "efface the memory of the time in the camps"

  2. efface(verb)

    make inconspicuous

    "efface oneself"

  3. erase, rub out, score out, efface, wipe off(verb)

    remove by or as if by rubbing or erasing

    "Please erase the formula on the blackboard--it is wrong!"


  1. efface(Verb)

    To erase (as anything impressed or inscribed upon a surface); to render illegible or indiscernible.

    Do not efface what I've written on the chalkboard.

  2. efface(Verb)

    To cause to disappear as if by rubbing out or striking out.

    Some people like to efface their own memories with alcohol.

  3. efface(Verb)

    To make oneself inobtrusive as if due to modesty or diffidence.

    Many people seem shy, but they really just efface for meekness.

  4. efface(Verb)

    Of the cervix during pregnancy, to thin and stretch in preparation for labor.

    Some females efface 75% by the 39th week of pregnancy.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Efface(verb)

    to cause to disappear (as anything impresses or inscribed upon a surface) by rubbing out, striking out, etc.; to erase; to render illegible or indiscernible; as, to efface the letters on a monument, or the inscription on a coin

  2. Efface(verb)

    to destroy, as a mental impression; to wear away

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Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary


to rub out; to remove

You must try to efface the event from your memory.

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