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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

e•di•tionɪˈdɪʃ ən(n.)

  1. one of a series of printings of a publication, each issued at a different time and differing from another by alterations, additions, etc.

  2. the format in which a work is published:

    a paperback edition.

  3. the whole number of impressions or copies of a publication printed from one set of type at one time.

  4. a version, esp. of something presented to the public.

Origin of edition:

1545–55; (< MF) < L

Princeton's WordNet

  1. edition(noun)

    the form in which a text (especially a printed book) is published

  2. edition(noun)

    all of the identical copies of something offered to the public at the same time

    "the first edition appeared in 1920"; "it was too late for the morning edition"; "they issued a limited edition of Bach recordings"

  3. edition(noun)

    an issue of a newspaper

    "he read it in yesterday's edition of the Times"

  4. version, variant, variation, edition(noun)

    something a little different from others of the same type

    "an experimental version of the night fighter"; "a variant of the same word"; "an emery wheel is the modern variation of a grindstone"; "the boy is a younger edition of his father"

Kernerman English Learner's Dictionary

  1. edition(noun)ɪˈdɪʃ ən

    a particular issue of a book, magazine, etc.

    the late edition of newspaper


  1. edition(Noun)

    A literary work edited and published, as by a certain editor or in a certain manner.

  2. edition(Noun)

    The whole number of copies of a work printed and published at one time; as, the first edition was soon sold.

  3. Origin: editio, from edere.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Edition(noun)

    a literary work edited and published, as by a certain editor or in a certain manner; as, a good edition of Chaucer; Chalmers' edition of Shakespeare

  2. Edition(noun)

    the whole number of copies of a work printed and published at one time; as, the first edition was soon sold


  1. Edition

    In printmaking, an edition is a number of prints struck from one plate, usually at the same time. This is the meaning covered by this article. This may be a limited edition, with a fixed number of impressions produced on the understanding that no further impressions will be produced later, or an open edition limited only by the number that can be sold or produced before the plate wears. Most modern artists produce only limited editions, normally signed by the artist in pencil, and numbered as say 67/100 to show the unique number of that impression and the total edition size.

British National Corpus

  1. Spoken Corpus Frequency

    Rank popularity for the word 'edition' in Spoken Corpus Frequency: #3756

  2. Nouns Frequency

    Rank popularity for the word 'edition' in Nouns Frequency: #1319

Translations for edition

Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary


a number of copies of a book etc printed at a time, or the form in which they are produced

the third edition of the book; a paperback edition; the evening edition of the newspaper.

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