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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

eaves•dropˈivzˌdrɒp(v.i.)-dropped, -drop•ping.

  1. to listen secretly to a private conversation.

Origin of eavesdrop:

bef. 900; prob. back formation from eavesdropper, late ME evisdroppyr, appar. lit., one who stands on the evesdrope (the ground on which water from the eaves drips; cf. OE yfesdrype) to listen secretly; see eave , drop , drip


Princeton's WordNet

  1. listen in, eavesdrop(verb)

    listen without the speaker's knowledge

    "the jealous man was eavesdropping on his wife's conversations"

Kernerman English Learner's Dictionary

  1. eavesdrop(verb)ˈivzˌdrɒp

    to secretly listen to sb else's conversation

    She was caught eavesdropping.


  1. eavesdrop(Noun)

    The dripping of rain from the eaves of a house

  2. eavesdrop(Noun)

    The space around a house on which such water drips

  3. eavesdrop(Noun)

    A concealed aperture through which an occupant of a building can surreptitiously listen to people talking at an entrance to the building

  4. eavesdrop(Noun)

    The act of intentionally hearing a conversation not intended to be heard

  5. eavesdrop(Verb)

    To hear a conversation one is not intended to hear; to listen in.

    I hope nobody was eavesdropping on our conversation last night, since it got so personal.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Eavesdrop(verb)

    to stand under the eaves, near a window or at the door, of a house, to listen and learn what is said within doors; hence, to listen secretly to what is said in private

  2. Eavesdrop(noun)

    the water which falls in drops from the eaves of a house

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Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary


(with on ) to listen in order to overhear a private conversation

The child eavesdropped on her parents' discussion.

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