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Princeton's WordNet

  1. ducat(noun)

    formerly a gold coin of various European countries


  1. ducat(Noun)

    A gold coin minted by various European nations.

  2. ducat(Noun)

    Money in general.

  3. ducat(Noun)

    A dollar (and, by extension, a eurodollar).

  4. Origin: From ducat, from ducatus, from oblique stem of dux.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Ducat(noun)

    a coin, either of gold or silver, of several countries in Europe; originally, one struck in the dominions of a duke

  2. Origin: [F. ducat, It. ducato, LL. ducatus, fr. dux leader or commander. See Duke.]


  1. Ducat

    The ducat or dukat is a gold coin that was used as a trade coin throughout Europe before World War I. The etymological origin of the name is from Medieval Latin "ducatus", and initially meant "duke's coin" or a "duchy's coin". There have been many types of ducats throughout history of various metallic content and purchasing power.

The Nuttall Encyclopedia

  1. Ducat

    a coin, generally in gold, that circulated in Venice, and was current in Germany at one time, of varied value.

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