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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

droll•er•yˈdroʊ lə ri(n.)(pl.)-er•ies.

  1. something whimsically amusing or funny.

  2. a droll quality or manner; whimsical humor.

  3. the action or behavior of a droll person; jesting.

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Princeton's WordNet

  1. drollery, clowning, comedy, funniness(noun)

    a comic incident or series of incidents

  2. drollery, waggery(noun)

    a quaint and amusing jest


  1. drollery(Noun)

    comical quality.

  2. drollery(Noun)

    amusing behaviour.

  3. drollery(Noun)

    something humorous, funny or comical.

  4. drollery(Noun)

    a puppet show; a comic play or entertainment; a comic picture; a caricature.

  5. drollery(Noun)

    a joke; a funny story.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Drollery(noun)

    the quality of being droll; sportive tricks; buffoonery; droll stories; comical gestures or manners

  2. Drollery(noun)

    something which serves to raise mirth

  3. Drollery(noun)

    a puppet show; also, a puppet

  4. Drollery(noun)

    a lively or comic picture


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