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Random House Webster's College Dictionary


  1. an undesirable or objectionable feature; disadvantage.

  2. a refund of tariff or other tax, as when imported goods are exported anew.

    Category: Government

Origin of drawback:


Princeton's WordNet

  1. drawback(noun)

    the quality of being a hindrance

    "he pointed out all the drawbacks to my plan"

Kernerman English Learner's Dictionary

  1. drawback(noun)ˈdrɔˌbæk

    ≠ advantage

    One of the drawbacks of teaching is the low salary.


  1. drawback(Noun)

    A disadvantage; something that detracts or takes away.

    Poor fuel economy is a common drawback among larger vehicles.

  2. drawback(Noun)

    A partial refund of an import fee, as when goods are re-exported from the country that collected the fee.

  3. Origin: draw + back

Webster Dictionary

  1. Drawback(noun)

    a loss of advantage, or deduction from profit, value, success, etc.; a discouragement or hindrance; objectionable feature

  2. Drawback(noun)

    money paid back or remitted; especially, a certain amount of duties or customs, sometimes the whole, and sometimes only a part, remitted or paid back by the government, on the exportation of the commodities on which they were levied


  1. Drawback

    Drawback is the name of the fifth album by German band X Marks the Pedwalk. It was released by Zoth Ommog in Europe and Metropolis Records in North America, both in CD format.

Anagrams of drawback

  1. backward

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