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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

drach•ma*ˈdræk mə, ˈdrɑk-(n.)(pl.)-mas, -mae

  1. the basic monetary unit of modern Greece.

    Category: Numismatics

  2. the principal silver coin of ancient Greece.

    Category: Numismatics

  3. a small unit of weight in ancient Greece.

    Category: Weights and Measures

  4. any of various modern weights, esp. a dram.

    Category: Weights and Measures

    Ref: Often, drachm. 2

* (-mē)..

Origin of drachma:

1520–30; < L < Gk drachmḗ

Princeton's WordNet

  1. dram, drachm, drachma(noun)

    a unit of apothecary weight equal to an eighth of an ounce or to 60 grains

  2. drachma, Greek drachma(noun)

    formerly the basic unit of money in Greece


  1. drachma(Noun)

    The currency of Greece from ancient times until 2001, with the symbol u20AF, since replaced by the euro.

  2. drachma(Noun)

    A coin worth one drachma.

  3. drachma(Noun)

    An Ancient Greek weight of about 66.5 grains.

  4. drachma(Noun)

    A later Greek weight equal to a gram.

  5. Origin: From δραχμή, from δράσσομαι

Webster Dictionary

  1. Drachma(noun)

    a silver coin among the ancient Greeks, having a different value in different States and at different periods. The average value of the Attic drachma is computed to have been about 19 cents

  2. Drachma(noun)

    a gold and silver coin of modern Greece worth 19.3 cents

  3. Drachma(noun)

    among the ancient Greeks, a weight of about 66.5 grains; among the modern Greeks, a weight equal to a gram

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the standard unit of Greek currency.

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