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Princeton's WordNet

  1. domestication(noun)

    adaptation to intimate association with human beings

  2. tameness, domestication(noun)

    the attribute of having been domesticated

  3. domestication(noun)

    accommodation to domestic life

    "her explorer husband resisted all her attempts at domestication"


  1. domestication(Noun)

    The act of domesticating, or accustoming to home; the action of taming wild animals or breeding plants.

  2. domestication(Noun)

    The act of domesticating, or making a legal instrument recognized and enforceable in a jurisdiction foreign to the one in which the instrument was originally issued or created.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Domestication(noun)

    the act of domesticating, or accustoming to home; the action of taming wild animals

  2. Origin: [Cf. F. domestication.]


  1. Domestication

    Domestication is the process where by a population of animals or plants is changed at the genetic level through a process of selection, in order to accentuate traits that benefit humans. It differs from taming in that a change in the phenotypical expression and genotype of the animal occurs, whereas taming is simply the process by which animals become accustomed to human presence. In the Convention on Biological Diversity, a domesticated species is defined as a "species in which the evolutionary process has been influenced by humans to meet their needs." Therefore, a defining characteristic of domestication is artificial selection by humans. Humans have brought these populations under their control and care for a wide range of reasons: to produce food or valuable commodities, for types of work, scientific research, or simply to enjoy as companions or ornaments. Plants domesticated primarily for aesthetic enjoyment in and around the home are usually called house plants or ornamentals, while those domesticated for large-scale food production are generally called crops. A distinction can be made between those domesticated plants that have been deliberately altered or selected for special desirable characteristics and those plants that are used for human benefit, but are essentially no different from the wild populations of the species. Animals domesticated for home companionship are usually called pets while those domesticated for food or work are called livestock or farm animals.


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