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Do•broˈdoʊ broʊ

  1. Trademark. a brand of acoustic guitar having a metal resonator cone that produces a tremulous sound.

    Category: Music and Dance, Trademark


  1. Dobro(ProperNoun)

    A type of acoustic guitar with a metal resonator set into its body.

  2. dobro(Noun)

    An acoustic guitar with a metal resonator

  3. Origin: Contracted from Dopyera brothers, the inventors.


  1. Dobro

    Dobro is a registered trademark now owned by Gibson Guitar Corporation and used for a particular design of resonator guitar. The name has a long and involved history that is interwoven with that of the resonator guitar. Originally coined by the Dopyera brothers when they formed the Dobro Manufacturing Company, in time it came to commonly mean a resonator guitar, or specifically one with a single inverted resonator. This particular design was introduced by the Dopyeras' new company, in competition to the already patented Tricone and biscuit designs owned and produced by the National String Instrument Corporation. The Dobro brand later also appeared on other instruments, notably electric lap-steel guitars and solid-body electric guitars and on other resonator instruments such as Safari resonator mandolins. When Gibson acquired the trademark in 1994, the company announced that it would defend its right to Dobro's exclusive use.

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  1. brood

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in a good, satisfactory etc way etc, as in well-behaved .

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