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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

di•ver•gentdɪˈvɜr dʒənt, daɪ-(adj.)

  1. diverging; differing; deviating.

  2. pertaining to or causing divergence.

  3. (of a mathematical expression) having no finite limits.

    Category: Math

Origin of divergent:

1690–1700; < ML


Princeton's WordNet

  1. divergent(adj)

    diverging from another or from a standard

    "a divergent opinion"

  2. divergent, diverging(adj)

    tending to move apart in different directions


  1. divergent(Adjective)

    Growing further apart; diverging.

  2. divergent(Adjective)

    Describing a series which does not converge, i.e., approach a limit.

  3. Origin: Latin dis-, "apart", and vergere, "to turn", plus the adjectival suffix -ent.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Divergent(adj)

    receding farther and farther from each other, as lines radiating from one point; deviating gradually from a given direction; -- opposed to convergent

  2. Divergent(adj)

    causing divergence of rays; as, a divergent lens

  3. Divergent(adj)

    fig.: Disagreeing from something given; differing; as, a divergent statement

Anagrams of divergent

  1. ridge vent

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