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Random House Webster's College Dictionary


  1. to show or exhibit; make visible.

  2. to reveal; betray:

    to display fear.

  3. to unfold; open out; spread out:

    to display a sail.

  4. to show ostentatiously; flaunt.

  5. to show (computer data) on a CRT or other screen.

    Category: Computers

  6. (v.i.)(of animals) to engage in a pattern of behavior designed to attract and arouse a mate.

    Category: Animal Behavior

  7. (n.)an act or instance of displaying; exhibition.

  8. the giving of prominence to particular words, sentences, etc., by the choice of types and position, as in an advertisement, headline, or news story. printed matter thus displayed.

    Category: Printing

  9. an arrangement, as of merchandise, designed to please the eye or attract buyers.

  10. the visual representation of the output of an electronic device. the portion of the device, as a screen, that shows this representation.

    Category: Computers

  11. a stereotyped pattern of animal behavior designed to attract and arouse a mate.

    Category: Animal Behavior

* Syn: display , exhibit , manifest mean to show or bring to the attention of another or others. To display is literally to spread something out so that it may be most completely and favorably seen: to display goods for sale. To exhibit is to display something to the public for inspection or appraisal: to exhibit African violets at a flower show. They may both refer to showing or revealing one's qualities or feelings: to display wit; to exhibit surprise.manifest means to show feelings or qualities plainly or clearly: He manifested his anger with a scowl.

Origin of display:

1250–1300; ME desplayen < AF, OF despleier < LL displicāre to unfold. See dis -1, ply2


Princeton's WordNet

  1. display, show(noun)

    something intended to communicate a particular impression

    "made a display of strength"; "a show of impatience"; "a good show of looking interested"

  2. display, exhibit, showing(noun)

    something shown to the public

    "the museum had many exhibits of oriental art"

  3. display, presentation(noun)

    a visual representation of something

  4. display(noun)

    behavior that makes your feelings public

    "a display of emotion"

  5. display(noun)

    exhibiting openly in public view

    "a display of courage"

  6. display, video display(verb)

    an electronic device that represents information in visual form

  7. expose, exhibit, display(verb)

    to show, make visible or apparent

    "The Metropolitan Museum is exhibiting Goya's works this month"; "Why don't you show your nice legs and wear shorter skirts?"; "National leaders will have to display the highest skills of statesmanship"

  8. display(verb)

    attract attention by displaying some body part or posing; of animals

Kernerman English Learner's Dictionary

  1. display(noun)ɪˈspleɪ

    an arrangement of things for people to look at; = exhibition

    a display of the children's artwork; paintings on display in the gallery

  2. displayɪˈspleɪ

    behavior that shows a particular feeling or quality

    a display of courage/affection

  3. displayɪˈspleɪ

    a show or performance

    a fireworks display

  4. displayɪˈspleɪ

    a screen showing information

    a digital display

  5. display(verb)ɪˈspleɪ

    ≠ conceal

    He displayed excellent communication skills.; to display a strong interest in sports

  6. displayɪˈspleɪ

    to arrange things for people to look at; = present

    tables to display the items for sale

  7. displayɪˈspleɪ

    to show information on a screen

    Arrival times are displayed on TV screens.


  1. display(Noun)

    A show or spectacle.

  2. display(Noun)

    An electronic screen that shows graphics or text.

  3. display(Verb)

    To spread out, to unfurl.

  4. display(Verb)

    : To show conspicuously; to exhibit; to demonstrate; to manifest.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Display(verb)

    to unfold; to spread wide; to expand; to stretch out; to spread

  2. Display(verb)

    to extend the front of (a column), bringing it into line

  3. Display(verb)

    to spread before the view; to show; to exhibit to the sight, or to the mind; to make manifest

  4. Display(verb)

    to make an exhibition of; to set in view conspicuously or ostentatiously; to exhibit for the sake of publicity; to parade

  5. Display(verb)

    to make conspicuous by large or prominent type

  6. Display(verb)

    to discover; to descry

  7. Display(verb)

    to make a display; to act as one making a show or demonstration

  8. Display(noun)

    an opening or unfolding; exhibition; manifestation

  9. Display(noun)

    ostentatious show; exhibition for effect; parade


  1. Display

    Display is a form of animal behaviour, linked to survival of the species in various ways. One example of display used by some species can be found in the form of courtship, with the male usually having a striking feature that is distinguished by colour, shape or size, used to attract a female. In other instances, species may exhibit territorial display behaviour, in order to preserve a foraging or hunting territory for its family or group. A third form is exhibited by tournament species in which males will fight in order to gain the 'right' to breed.

Dictionary of Military and Associated Terms

  1. display

    In military deception, a static portrayal of an activity, force, or equipment intended to deceive the adversary

British National Corpus

  1. Spoken Corpus Frequency

    Rank popularity for the word 'display' in Spoken Corpus Frequency: #2343

  2. Written Corpus Frequency

    Rank popularity for the word 'display' in Written Corpus Frequency: #3787

  3. Nouns Frequency

    Rank popularity for the word 'display' in Nouns Frequency: #850

  4. Verbs Frequency

    Rank popularity for the word 'display' in Verbs Frequency: #367

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(an) act of showing or making clear

a display of military strength.

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