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Random House Webster's College Dictionary


  1. judicious in one's conduct or speech, esp. with regard to keeping silent about a delicate matter.

* Syn: See careful.

Origin of discreet:

1325–75; ME discret < AF, OF < ML discrētus, L: separated, ptp. of discernere


Princeton's WordNet

  1. discreet(adj)

    marked by prudence or modesty and wise self-restraint

    "his trusted discreet aide"; "a discreet, finely wrought gold necklace"

  2. discerning, discreet(adj)

    unobtrusively perceptive and sympathetic

    "a discerning editor"; "a discreet silence"

  3. circumspect, discreet(adj)

    heedful of potential consequences

    "circumspect actions"; "physicians are now more circumspect about recommending its use"; "a discreet investor"

Kernerman English Learner's Dictionary

  1. discreet(adjective)ɪˈskrit

    ≠ indiscreet

    I can be very discreet.; She discreetly passed him the bag.


  1. discreet(Adjective)

    Respectful of privacy or secrecy; quiet; diplomatic.

  2. discreet(Adjective)

    Not drawing attention, anger or challenge; inconspicuous.

  3. Origin: From discret, from discretus, from past participle of discernere.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Discreet

    possessed of discernment, especially in avoiding error or evil, and in the adaptation of means to ends; prudent; sagacious; judicious; not rash or heedless; cautious

  2. Discreet

    differing; distinct

Anagrams of discreet

  1. discrete

Translations for discreet

Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary


wise, cautious and not saying anything which might cause trouble

My secretary won't let the secret out; – she's very discreet.

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