Definitions for discouragementdɪˈskɜr ɪdʒ mənt, -ˈskʌr-

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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

dis•cour•age•mentdɪˈskɜr ɪdʒ mənt, -ˈskʌr-(n.)

  1. an act or instance of discouraging.

  2. the state of being discouraged.

  3. something that discourages; a deterrent.

Origin of discouragement:

1555–65; < MF

Princeton's WordNet

  1. discouragement, disheartenment, dismay(noun)

    the feeling of despair in the face of obstacles

  2. discouragement(noun)

    the expression of opposition and disapproval

  3. discouragement(noun)

    the act of discouraging

    "the discouragement of petty theft"

Kernerman English Learner's Dictionary

  1. discouragement(noun)ɪˈskɜr ɪdʒ mənt, -ˈskʌr-

    the feeling of being discouraged

    the discouragement on her face

  2. discouragementɪˈskɜr ɪdʒ mənt, -ˈskʌr-

    the act of discouraging

    the government's discouragement of competitive sports in school


  1. discouragement(Noun)

    the act of discouraging or the state of being discouraged

  2. discouragement(Noun)

    anything that discourages

Webster Dictionary

  1. Discouragement(noun)

    the act of discouraging, or the state of being discouraged; depression or weakening of confidence; dejection

  2. Discouragement(noun)

    that which discourages; that which deters, or tends to deter, from an undertaking, or from the prosecution of anything; a determent; as, the revolution was commenced under every possible discouragement

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