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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

dis•a•bledɪsˈeɪ bəl(v.t.)-bled, -bling.

  1. to make unable or unfit; weaken or destroy the capability of; cripple.

  2. to make legally incapable; disqualify.

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Princeton's WordNet

  1. disable, disenable, incapacitate(verb)

    make unable to perform a certain action

    "disable this command on your computer"

  2. disable, invalid, incapacitate, handicap(verb)

    injure permanently

    "He was disabled in a car accident"


  1. disable(Verb)

    To render unable; to take away an ability of.

  2. disable(Verb)

    To impair the physical or mental abilities of; to cause a serious, permanent injury.

    Falling off the horse disabled him.

  3. disable(Verb)

    to deactivate a function of an electronical or mechanical device.

    The pilot had to disable the autopilot of his airplane.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Disable(adj)

    lacking ability; unable

  2. Disable(verb)

    to render unable or incapable; to destroy the force, vigor, or power of action of; to deprive of competent physical or intellectual power; to incapacitate; to disqualify; to make incompetent or unfit for service; to impair

  3. Disable(verb)

    to deprive of legal right or qualification; to render legally incapable

  4. Disable(verb)

    to deprive of that which gives value or estimation; to declare lacking in competency; to disparage; to undervalue

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Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary


to reduce the ability or strength of; to cripple

He was disabled during the war.

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