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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

dikedaɪk(n.; v.)diked, dik•ing.

or dyke 1

  1. (n.)an embankment for controlling or holding back the waters of the sea or a river.

    Category: Civil Engineering

  2. Category: Civil Engineering

    Ref: ditch.

  3. a bank of earth formed of material being excavated.

    Category: Civil Engineering

  4. Category: Civil Engineering

    Ref: causeway.

  5. an obstacle; barrier.

  6. a long, narrow, cross-cutting mass of igneous rock intruded into a fissure in older rock. a similar mass of rock composed of other kinds of material, as sandstone.

    Category: Geology

  7. (v.t.)to furnish or drain with a dike.

    Category: Civil Engineering

  8. to enclose, restrain, or protect by a dike.

    Category: Civil Engineering

Origin of dike:

bef. 900; dik(e), OE dīc < ON dīki; akin to ditch



  1. Category: Sexuality

    Ref: dyke2. 2


Webster Dictionary

  1. Diker(noun)

    a ditcher

  2. Diker(noun)

    one who builds stone walls; usually, one who builds them without lime


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