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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

di•dac•ticdaɪˈdæk tɪk(adj.)

also di•dac′ti•cal

  1. intended for instruction; instructive:

    didactic poetry.

  2. overinclined to teach or lecture others.

  3. teaching or intending to teach a moral lesson.

  4. didactics, (used with a sing. v.) the art or science of teaching.

    Category: Education

Origin of didactic:

1635–45; < Gk didaktikós apt at teaching, instructive =didakt(ós) that may be taught +-ikos -ic


Princeton's WordNet

  1. didactic, didactical(adj)

    instructive (especially excessively)


  1. didactic(Noun)

    A treatise on teaching or education.

  2. didactic(Adjective)

    Instructive or intended to teach or demonstrate, especially with regard to morality. (I.e., didactic poetry)

  3. didactic(Adjective)

    Excessively moralizing.

  4. didactic(Adjective)

    Regarding medicine, teaching from textbooks rather than laboratory demonstration and clinical application.

  5. Origin: From διδακτικός, from διδακτός, from διδάσκω

Webster Dictionary

  1. Didactic(adj)

    alt. of Didactical

  2. Didactic(noun)

    a treatise on teaching or education


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