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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

dic•ta•tiondɪkˈteɪ ʃən(n.)

  1. the act or manner of dictating for reproduction in writing.

  2. the act or manner of transcribing words uttered by another.

  3. words that are dictated or that are reproduced from dictation.

  4. the playing or singing of music to be notated by a listener, esp. as a technique of training the ear.

    Category: Music and Dance

  5. music notated from dictation.

    Category: Music and Dance

  6. the act of commanding arbitrarily.

  7. something commanded.

Origin of dictation:

1650–60; < LL


Princeton's WordNet

  1. command, bid, bidding, dictation(noun)

    an authoritative direction or instruction to do something

  2. dictation(noun)

    speech intended for reproduction in writing

  3. dictation(noun)

    matter that has been dictated and transcribed; a dictated passage

    "he signed and mailed his dictation without bothering to read it"


  1. dictation(Noun)

    dictating, the process of speaking for someone else to write down the words

    Since I learned shorthand, I can take dictation at eighty words a minute.

  2. dictation(Noun)

    an activity in school where the teacher reads a passage aloud and the students write it down

    1908: Lucy Maud Montgomery, Anne of Green Gables - We had reading and geography and Canadian history and dictation today.

  3. dictation(Noun)

    the act of ordering or commanding

    1852: Lysander Spooner, An Essay on the Trial by Jury - ...jurors in England have formerly understood it to be their right and duty to judge only according to their consciences, and not to submit to any dictation from the court, either as to law or fact.

  4. dictation(Noun)

    orders given in an overbearing manner

    His habit, even with friends, was that of dictation.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Dictation(noun)

    the act of dictating; the act or practice of prescribing; also that which is dictated

  2. Dictation(noun)

    the speaking to, or the giving orders to, in an overbearing manner; authoritative utterance; as, his habit, even with friends, was that of dictation


  1. Dictation

    Dictation is the transcription of spoken text: one person who is "dictating" speaks and another who is "taking dictation" writes down the words as they are spoken. Among speakers of several languages, dictation is used as a test of language skill, similar to spelling bees in the English-speaking world.

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Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary


something read for another to write down

The secretary is taking dictation.

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