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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

di•ag•no•sis*ˌdaɪ əgˈnoʊ sɪs(n.)(pl.)-ses

  1. the process of determining by medical examination the nature and circumstances of a diseased condition. the decision reached from such an examination.

    Category: Medicine

  2. an analysis of the cause or nature of a situation.

  3. an answer or solution to a problematic situation.

  4. Biol. a precise description of a taxon.

    Category: Biology, Taxonomy

* (-sēz)..

Origin of diagnosis:

1675–85; < NL < Gk diágnōsis=dia(gi)gnṓ(skein) to discern, determine (dia-dia - +gignṓskein to know ) +-sis-sis

Princeton's WordNet

  1. diagnosis, diagnosing(noun)

    identifying the nature or cause of some phenomenon

Kernerman English Learner's Dictionary

  1. diagnosis(noun)ˌdaɪ əgˈnoʊ sɪs

    the act of diagnosing

    the diagnosis of diabetes; self-diagnosis


  1. diagnosis(Noun)

    The identification of the nature and cause of an illness.

  2. diagnosis(Noun)

    The identification of the nature and cause of something (of any nature).

  3. diagnosis(Noun)

    A written description of a species or other taxon serving to distinguish that species from all others. Especially, a description written in Latin and published.

  4. Origin: From diagnosis, from διάγνωσις, from διαγιγνώσκειν, from διά + γιγνώσκειν.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Diagnosis(noun)

    the art or act of recognizing the presence of disease from its signs or symptoms, and deciding as to its character; also, the decision arrived at

  2. Diagnosis(noun)

    scientific determination of any kind; the concise description of characterization of a species

  3. Diagnosis(noun)

    critical perception or scrutiny; judgment based on such scrutiny; esp., perception of, or judgment concerning, motives and character


  1. Diagnosis

    Medical diagnosis refers both to the process of attempting to determine or identify a possible disease or disorder, and to the opinion reached by this process. From the point of view of statistics the diagnostic procedure involves classification tests. It is a major component of, for example, the procedure of a doctor's visit.

U.S. National Library of Medicine

  1. Diagnosis

    The determination of the nature of a disease or condition, or the distinguishing of one disease or condition from another. Assessment may be made through physical examination, laboratory tests, or the likes. Computerized programs may be used to enhance the decision-making process.

British National Corpus

  1. Nouns Frequency

    Rank popularity for the word 'diagnosis' in Nouns Frequency: #1964

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a conclusion reached by diagnosing

What diagnosis did the doctor make?

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