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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

de•por•ta•tionˌdi pɔrˈteɪ ʃən, -poʊr-(n.)

  1. the lawful expulsion of an undesired alien or other person from a state.

  2. an act or instance of deporting.

Origin of deportation:

1585–95; < L

Princeton's WordNet

  1. exile, deportation, expatriation, transportation(noun)

    the act of expelling a person from their native land

    "men in exile dream of hope"; "his deportation to a penal colony"; "the expatriation of wealthy farmers"; "the sentence was one of transportation for life"

  2. deportation(noun)

    the expulsion from a country of an undesirable alien


  1. deportation(Noun)

    The act of deporting or exiling, or the state of being deported; banishment; transportation.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Deportation(noun)

    the act of deporting or exiling, or the state of being deported; banishment; transportation


  1. Deportation

    Deportation is the expulsion of a person or group of people from a place or country. Today the expulsion of foreign nationals is usually called deportation, whereas the expulsion of nationals is called banishment, exile, or penal transportation. Deportation is an ancient practice: Khosrau I, Sassanid King of Persia, deported 292,000 citizens, slaves, and conquered people to the new city of Ctesiphon in 542 C.E. Britain deported religious objectors and criminals to America in large numbers before 1776, and transported them to Australia between 1788 and 1868.

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