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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

de•notedɪˈnoʊt(v.t.)-not•ed, -not•ing.

  1. to be a mark or sign of; indicate:

    A fever often denotes an infection.

  2. to be a name or designation for; mean.

  3. to represent by a symbol; stand as a symbol for.

Origin of denote:

1585–95; < MF dénoter, L dēnotāre to mark out =dē-de - +notāre to mark; see note


Princeton's WordNet

  1. denote(verb)

    be a sign or indication of

    "Her smile denoted that she agreed"

  2. denote, refer(verb)

    have as a meaning

    "`multi-' denotes `many' "

  3. announce, denote(verb)

    make known; make an announcement

    "She denoted her feelings clearly"


  1. denote(Verb)

    To indicate; to mark.

    The yellow blazes denote the trail.

  2. denote(Verb)

    To make overt.

    The tears denoted her true feelings.

  3. denote(Verb)

    To refer to literally; to convey meaning.

    "Pre-" denotes "before."

  4. Origin: From denoter, from denotare; de- "complete" and notare "to mark (out)"

Webster Dictionary

  1. Denote(verb)

    to mark out plainly; to signify by a visible sign; to serve as the sign or name of; to indicate; to point out; as, the hands of the clock denote the hour

  2. Denote(verb)

    to be the sign of; to betoken; to signify; to mean

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to be the sign of or to mean

Do you think his silence denotes guilt?

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