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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

de•ni•erdɪˈnaɪ ər(n.)

  1. a person who denies.

Origin of denier:


de•nierdəˈnɪər, dənˈyeɪ or, esp. for 1, ˈdɛn yər(n.)

  1. a unit of weight indicating the fineness of fiber filaments and yarns, and equal to a yarn weighing one gram per each 9000 meters: used esp. for women's hosiery.

    Category: Textiles

  2. a small French coin, orig. of silver but later of copper, formerly issued in W Europe.

    Category: Numismatics

Origin of denier:

1375–1425; late ME < OF < L dēnāriusdenarius

Princeton's WordNet

  1. denier(noun)

    a unit of measurement for the fineness of silk or nylon or rayon

    "with an evening dress one wears 10 denier stockings"

  2. denier(noun)

    any of various former European coins of different denominations

  3. denier(noun)

    one who denies

Webster Dictionary

  1. Denier(noun)

    one who denies; as, a denier of a fact, or of the faith, or of Christ

  2. Denier(noun)

    a small copper coin of insignificant value

Anagrams of denier

  1. Nereid


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