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Princeton's WordNet

  1. deface, disfigure, blemish(verb)

    mar or spoil the appearance of

    "scars defaced her cheeks"; "The vandals disfigured the statue"


  1. deface(Verb)

    To damage something, espacially a surface, in a visible or conspicuous manner.

  2. deface(Verb)

    To void or devalue; to nullify or degrade the face value.

    He defaced the I.O.U. notes by scrawling "void" over them.

  3. deface(Verb)

    To alter a coat of arms or a flag by adding an element to it.

    You get the Finnish state flag by defacing the national flag with the state coat of arms placed in the middle of the cross.

  4. Origin: "to obliterate," from desfacier, from des- (see dis-) + *facia

Webster Dictionary

  1. Deface(verb)

    to destroy or mar the face or external appearance of; to disfigure; to injure, spoil, or mar, by effacing or obliterating important features or portions of; as, to deface a monument; to deface an edifice; to deface writing; to deface a note, deed, or bond; to deface a record

  2. Deface(verb)

    to destroy; to make null


  1. Deface

    Deface is unique in that it is the first American-made film in which the entire narrative takes place in North Korea, with a fully Asian American cast. The film is subtitled in English with the actors speaking Korean with a North Korean dialect. Deface has played in numerous film festivals and has garnered several awards. In 2007 it won Best Narrative Short at the Austin Film Festival, qualifying the film for Oscar consideration in the category of Best Live Action Short Film of 2008.

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  • vahingoittaa, mitätöidä, muunnella, turmellaFinnish
  • schendenDutch

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