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  1. deem, hold, view as, take for(verb)

    keep in mind or convey as a conviction or view

    "take for granted"; "view as important"; "hold these truths to be self-evident"; "I hold him personally responsible"

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  1. deem(Noun)

    An opinion; judgement; surmise.

  2. deem(Verb)

    To judge; pass judgement on; sentence; doom.

  3. deem(Verb)

    To adjudge; decree.

  4. deem(Verb)

    To dispense (justice); administer (law).

  5. deem(Verb)

    To think, judge, or hold as an opinion; decide or believe on consideration; suppose.

  6. deem(Verb)

    To hold in belief or estimation; adjudge as a conclusion; regard as being; evaluate according to one's beliefs; account.

    She deemed his efforts insufficient.

  7. deem(Verb)

    To have or hold as a (personal) opinion; judge; think.

  8. Origin: From demen, from deman, from dōmijanan, from dʰē-. Cognate with dema, doemen, dømme, döma and probably Albanian them,thôm and Russian Думать . Related to doom.

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  1. Deem

    to decide; to judge; to sentence; to condemn

  2. Deem

    to account; to esteem; to think; to judge; to hold in opinion; to regard

  3. Deem(verb)

    to be of opinion; to think; to estimate; to opine; to suppose

  4. Deem(verb)

    to pass judgment

  5. Deem(noun)

    opinion; judgment

  6. Origin: [OE. demen to judge, condemn, AS. dman, fr. dm doom; akin to OFries. dma, OS. admian, D. doemen, OHG. tuommen, Icel. dma, Sw. dmma, Dan. dmme, Goth. dmjan. See Doom, n., and cf. Doom, v.]

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  1. Deem

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British National Corpus

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    Rank popularity for the word 'deem' in Verbs Frequency: #817

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  1. Mede

  2. meed

  3. deme

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