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  1. deadlock, dead end, impasse, stalemate, standstill(noun)

    a situation in which no progress can be made or no advancement is possible

    "reached an impasse on the negotiations"

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  1. deadlock(Noun)

    A standstill resulting from the opposition of two evenly matched forces; a stalemate or impasse

  2. deadlock(Noun)

    An inability to continue due to two programs or devices each requiring a response from the other before completing an operation

  3. deadlock(Verb)

    to cause or to come to a deadlock

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  1. Deadlock(noun)

    a lock which is not self-latching, but requires a key to throw the bolt forward

  2. Deadlock(noun)

    a counteraction of things, which produces an entire stoppage; a complete obstruction of action

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  1. Deadlock

    A deadlock is a situation in which two or more competing actions are each waiting for the other to finish, and thus neither ever does. In computer science a deadly embrace is a deadlock involving exactly two competing actions. It is a term more commonly used in Europe. Outside of computer science a deadly embrace is a deadlock involving exactly two competing actions tending toward some form of tragedy, for example, mutual death or mutual extinction. In an operating system, a deadlock is a situation which occurs when a process or thread enters a waiting state because a resource requested is being held by another waiting process, which in turn is waiting for another resource. If a process is unable to change its state indefinitely because the resources requested by it are being used by another waiting process, then the system is said to be in a deadlock. Deadlock is a common problem in multiprocessing systems, parallel computing and distributed systems, where software and hardware locks are used to handle shared resources and implement process synchronization. In telecommunication systems, deadlocks occur mainly due to lost or corrupt signals instead of resource contention.

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  1. deadlock

    1. [techspeak] A situation wherein two or more processes are unable to proceed because each is waiting for one of the others to do something. A common example is a program communicating to a server, which may find itself waiting for output from the server before sending anything more to it, while the server is similarly waiting for more input from the controlling program before outputting anything. (It is reported that this particular flavor of deadlock is sometimes called a starvation deadlock, though the term starvation is more properly used for situations where a program can never run simply because it never gets high enough priority. Another common flavor is constipation, in which each process is trying to send stuff to the other but all buffers are full because nobody is reading anything.) See deadly embrace. 2. Also used of deadlock-like interactions between humans, as when two people meet in a narrow corridor, and each tries to be polite by moving aside to let the other pass, but they end up swaying from side to side without making any progress because they always move the same way at the same time.

Translations for deadlock

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  • застой, мъртва точкаBulgarian
  • deadlock, uváznutíCzech
  • Stillstand, toter Punkt, Verklemmung, DeadlockGerman
  • estancamiento, punto muertoSpanish
  • solmuFinnish
  • étreinte fatale, interblocage, impasseFrench
  • 停滞, 膠着状態, 行き詰まり, デッドロックJapanese
  • deadlock, impassePortuguese
  • застой, тупик, мёртвая точка, дедлок, взаимная блокировкаRussian
  • 僵局Chinese

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