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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

de fac•todi ˈfæk toʊ, deɪ(adv.)

  1. in fact; in reality.

  2. (adj.)actually existing, esp. without lawful authority

    de facto segregation.

    Category: Law

    Ref: (disting. from de jure )

Origin of de facto:

1595–1605; < L: lit., from the fact

Princeton's WordNet

  1. de facto(adverb)

    existing in fact whether with lawful authority or not

    "de facto segregation is as real as segregation imposed by law"; "a de facto state of war"

  2. de facto(adverb)

    in reality or fact

    "the result was, de facto, a one-party system"


  1. de facto(Noun)

    A legally undeclared spouse.

  2. de facto(Adverb)

    In practice; in actual use or existence, regardless of official or legal status.

  3. de facto(Adjective)

    In fact or in practice; in actual use or existence, regardless of official or legal status. (Often opposed to de jure.)

  4. Origin: From de facto, de + ablative of factum

Webster Dictionary

  1. De facto

    actually; in fact; in reality; as, a king de facto, -- distinguished from a king de jure, or by right


  1. De facto

    De facto is a Latin expression that means "concerning fact." In law, it often means "in practice but not necessarily ordained by law" or "in practice or actuality, but not officially established." It is commonly used in contrast to de jure when referring to matters of law, governance, or technique that are found in the common experience as created or developed without or contrary to a regulation. When discussing a legal situation, de jure designates what the law says, while de facto designates action of what happens in practice. It is analogous and similar to the expressions "for all intents and purposes" or "in fact".

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Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary

in point of fact

actually or really

She doesn't like him much; – in fact I think she hates him!

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