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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

dain•ty*ˈdeɪn ti(adj.)-ti•er, -ti•est

  1. (adj.)of delicate beauty or form.

  2. pleasing to the taste

    dainty pastries.

  3. particular; fastidious:

    a dainty eater.

  4. overly particular; finicky.

  5. (n.)something delicious to the taste; delicacy.

* Syn: See delicate.

Origin of dainty:

1175–1225; ME deinte worthiness, happiness, delicacy < AF (OF deint(i)e) < L dignitātem, acc. of dignitās


Princeton's WordNet

  1. dainty, delicacy, goody, kickshaw, treat(adj)

    something considered choice to eat

  2. dainty, mincing, niminy-piminy, prim, twee(adj)

    affectedly dainty or refined

  3. dainty, exquisite(adj)

    delicately beautiful

    "a dainty teacup"; "an exquisite cameo"

  4. dainty(adj)

    especially pleasing to the taste

    "a dainty dish to set before a kind";

  5. dainty, nice, overnice, prissy, squeamish(adj)

    excessively fastidious and easily disgusted

    "too nice about his food to take to camp cooking"; "so squeamish he would only touch the toilet handle with his elbow"


  1. dainty(Noun)

    Esteem, honour.

  2. dainty(Noun)

    A delicacy.

  3. dainty(Noun)

    Fancy cookies, pastries, or squares served at a social event (usually plural).

  4. dainty(Adjective)

    Excellent; valuable, fine.

  5. dainty(Adjective)

    Delicately small and pretty.

  6. dainty(Adjective)

    Fastidious and fussy when eating.

  7. Origin: From deintié, from dignitatem.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Dainty(noun)

    value; estimation; the gratification or pleasure taken in anything

  2. Dainty(noun)

    that which is delicious or delicate; a delicacy

  3. Dainty(noun)

    a term of fondness

  4. Dainty

    rare; valuable; costly

  5. Dainty

    delicious to the palate; toothsome

  6. Dainty

    nice; delicate; elegant, in form, manner, or breeding; well-formed; neat; tender

  7. Dainty

    requiring dainties. Hence: Overnice; hard to please; fastidious; squeamish; scrupulous; ceremonious

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small or fragile and attractive

a dainty little girl.

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