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Princeton's WordNet

  1. cudweed(noun)

    any of numerous plants of the genus Gnaphalium having flowers that can be dried without loss of form or color

  2. cotton rose, cudweed, filago(noun)

    any plant of the genus Filago having capitate clusters of small woolly flower heads

  3. western mugwort, white sage, cudweed, prairie sage, Artemisia ludoviciana, Artemisia gnaphalodes(noun)

    perennial cottony-white herb of southwestern United States


  1. cudweed(Noun)

    Any of the flowering plants of the genus or , related to the daisy.

  2. Origin: or perhaps a corruption of cottonweed or cutweed (referring to its application to cuts and chafings).

Webster Dictionary

  1. Cudweed(noun)

    a small composite plant with cottony or silky stem and leaves, primarily a species of Gnaphalium, but the name is now given to many plants of different genera, as Filago, Antennaria, etc.; cottonweed

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