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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

cos•mos*ˈkɒz məs, -moʊs(n.)(pl.)-mos, -mos•es

  1. the world or universe regarded as an orderly, harmonious system.

  2. a complete, orderly, harmonious system.

  3. order; harmony.

  4. any of a genus, Cosmos, of New World composite plants having open clusters of flowers with red or yellow disks and wide rays of white, pink, or purple.

    Category: Plants

* for 2,4 ..

Origin of cosmos:

1150–1200; ME < Gk kósmos order, form, arrangement, the world or universe

Princeton's WordNet

  1. universe, existence, creation, world, cosmos, macrocosm(noun)

    everything that exists anywhere

    "they study the evolution of the universe"; "the biggest tree in existence"

  2. cosmos, cosmea(noun)

    any of various mostly Mexican herbs of the genus Cosmos having radiate heads of variously colored flowers and pinnate leaves; popular fall-blooming annuals

Webster Dictionary

  1. Cosmos(noun)

    the universe or universality of created things; -- so called from the order and harmony displayed in it

  2. Cosmos(noun)

    the theory or description of the universe, as a system displaying order and harmony


  1. Cosmos

    In the general sense, a cosmos is an orderly or harmonious system. The word derives from the Greek term κόσμος, literally meaning "order" or "ornament" and metaphorically "world", and is antithetical to the concept of chaos. Today, the word is generally used as a synonym of the Latin loanword "Universe". The word cosmetics originates from the same root. In many Slavic languages such as Russian, Bulgarian, and Serbian, the word Космос also means "outer space". In Mandarin Chinese, cosmos and universe are both translated as 宇宙, which literally translated means space-time.

Editors Contribution

  1. cosmos

    the universe seen as a well-ordered whole,

    "he sat staring deep into the void, reminding himself of man's place in the cosmos" a system of thought. plural noun: cosmoses "the new gender-free intellectual cosmos"

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Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary

the cosmos

the universe.

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