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Definitions for cordialˈkɔr dʒəl; esp. Brit. -di əl

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Princeton's WordNet

  1. liqueur, cordial(adj)

    strong highly flavored sweet liquor usually drunk after a meal

  2. affable, amiable, cordial, genial(adj)

    diffusing warmth and friendliness

    "an affable smile"; "an amiable gathering"; "cordial relations"; "a cordial greeting"; "a genial host"

  3. cordial(adj)

    politely warm and friendly

    "a cordial handshake"

  4. cordial(adj)

    sincerely or intensely felt

    "a cordial regard for his visitor's comfort"; "a cordial abhorrence of waste"


  1. cordial(Noun)

    A concentrated noncarbonated soft drink which is diluted with water before drinking.

  2. cordial(Noun)

    A pleasant-tasting medicine.

  3. cordial(Noun)

    A liqueur prepared using the infusion process.

  4. cordial(Noun)

    A candy (or bonbon) usually made of milk chocolate, filled with small fruits (often maraschino cherries) and syrup or fondant.

  5. cordial(Adjective)

    Hearty; sincere; warm; affectionate.

  6. cordial(Adjective)

    Said of someone radiating warmth and friendliness; genial.

  7. cordial(Adjective)

    Tending to revive, cheer, or invigorate; giving strength or spirits.

  8. Origin: From cordial#Adjective_2, from cordialis, from cor.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Cordial(adj)

    proceeding from the heart

  2. Cordial(adj)

    hearty; sincere; warm; affectionate

  3. Cordial(adj)

    tending to revive, cheer, or invigorate; giving strength or spirits

  4. Cordial(noun)

    anything that comforts, gladdens, and exhilarates

  5. Cordial(noun)

    any invigorating and stimulating preparation; as, a peppermint cordial

  6. Cordial(noun)

    aromatized and sweetened spirit, used as a beverage; a liqueur

Chambers 20th Century Dictionary

  1. Cordial

    kor′di-al, adj. hearty: with warmth of heart: sincere: affectionate: reviving the heart or spirits.—n. anything which revives or comforts the heart: a medicine or drink for refreshing the spirits.—adjs. Cor′date (bot.), heart-shaped; Cor′dial-heart′ed.—v.i. Cor′dialise, to become cordial, to fraternise.—ns. Cordial′ity, Cor′dialness.—adv. Cor′dially.—adj. Cor′diform, in the form of a heart. [Fr.,—L. cor, cordis, the heart.]


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    The numerical value of cordial in Pythagorean Numerology is: 8

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