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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

con•trar•yˈkɒn trɛr i; for 5 also kənˈtrɛər i(adj.; n.; adv.)(pl.)-trar•ies

  1. (adj.)opposite in nature or character; diametrically or mutually opposed:

    contrary to fact; contrary beliefs.

  2. opposite in direction or position:

    contrary motion.

  3. being the opposite one of two.

  4. unfavorable or adverse:

    contrary winds.

  5. perverse; obstinate; stubbornly opposed or willful.

  6. (n.)something that is contrary or opposite.

  7. either of two contrary things.

  8. Logic. a proposition so related to another proposition that both may not be true though both may be false, as with the propositions “All judges are male” and “No judges are male.”

    Category: Philosphy

  9. (adv.)in opposition; oppositely; counter:

    to act contrary to one's principles.

Idioms for contrary:

  1. by contraries,Archaic. contrary to expectation.

    Category: Idiom

  2. on the contrary, in opposition to what has been stated.

    Category: Idiom

  3. to the contrary, to the opposite effect:

    whatever you may say to the contrary.

    Category: Idiom

Origin of contrary:

1200–50; ME contrarie < AF < L contrārius. See contra -1, -ary


Princeton's WordNet

  1. reverse, contrary, opposite(noun)

    a relation of direct opposition

    "we thought Sue was older than Bill but just the reverse was true"

  2. contrary(noun)

    exact opposition

    "public opinion to the contrary he is not guilty"

  3. contrary(adj)

    a logical relation such that two propositions are contraries if both cannot be true but both can be false

  4. contrary(adj)

    very opposed in nature or character or purpose

    "acts contrary to our code of ethics"; "the facts point to a contrary conclusion"

  5. contrary(adj)

    of words or propositions so related that both cannot be true but both may be false

    "`hot' and `cold' are contrary terms"

  6. contrary, obstinate, perverse, wayward(adj)

    resistant to guidance or discipline

    "Mary Mary quite contrary"; "an obstinate child with a violent temper"; "a perverse mood"; "wayward behavior"

  7. adverse, contrary(adj)

    in an opposing direction

    "adverse currents"; "a contrary wind"

Kernerman English Learner's Dictionary

  1. contrary(adjective)ˈkɒn trɛr i; for 5 also kənˈtrɛər i

    conflicting or opposing

    the contrary view/opinion; contrary to expectations

  2. contraryˈkɒn trɛr i; for 5 also kənˈtrɛər i

    indicates a statement, fact, etc. is not what most people think

    Contrary to popular belief, climate change is not responsible for the flooding.


  1. contrary(Noun)

    The opposite.

  2. contrary(Noun)

    One of a pair of propositions that cannot both be simultaneously true.

  3. contrary(Verb)

    To oppose; to frustrate.

  4. contrary(Verb)

    To impugn.

  5. contrary(Verb)

    To contradict (someone or something).

  6. contrary(Verb)

    To do the opposite of (someone or something).

  7. contrary(Verb)

    To act inconsistently or perversely; to act in opposition to.

  8. contrary(Verb)

    To argue; to debate; to uphold an opposite opinion.

  9. contrary(Verb)

    To be self-contradictory; to become reversed.

  10. contrary(Adverb)


  11. contrary(Adjective)

    opposed in nature

  12. contrary(Adjective)

    strongly dissimilar

Webster Dictionary

  1. Contrary(adj)

    opposite; in an opposite direction; in opposition; adverse; as, contrary winds

  2. Contrary(adj)

    opposed; contradictory; repugnant; inconsistent

  3. Contrary(adj)

    given to opposition; perverse; forward; wayward; as, a contrary disposition; a contrary child

  4. Contrary(adj)

    affirming the opposite; so opposed as to destroy each other; as, contrary propositions

  5. Contrary(noun)

    a thing that is of contrary or opposite qualities

  6. Contrary(noun)

    an opponent; an enemy

  7. Contrary(noun)

    the opposite; a proposition, fact, or condition incompatible with another; as, slender proofs which rather show the contrary. See Converse, n., 1

  8. Contrary(noun)

    see Contraries


  1. Contrary

    Contrary was a character from Malibu Comics' Ultraverse. She was created by Gerard Jones and Martin Egeland and first appeared in the series Freex, though she was better known as the founder of Ultraforce. Though it has never been truly confirmed, it is heavily implied in Freex that the nurse nicknamed "Wetware Mary" was the same woman who would eventually become Contrary. Both were humans who had access to the advanced technology of the Fire People, and both manipulated people in various ways for their own agendas.

British National Corpus

  1. Nouns Frequency

    Rank popularity for the word 'contrary' in Nouns Frequency: #2504

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Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary


(often with to ) opposite (to) or in disagreement (with)

That decision was contrary to my wishes; Contrary to popular belief he is an able politician.

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