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  1. contraband(adj)

    goods whose importation or exportation or possession is prohibited by law

  2. bootleg, black, black-market, contraband, smuggled(adj)

    distributed or sold illicitly

    "the black economy pays no taxes"

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  1. contraband(Noun)

    any goods which are illicit or illegal to possess

  2. contraband(Noun)

    goods which are prohibited from being traded, smuggled goods

  3. contraband(Noun)

    A black slave during the American Civil War who had escaped to, or been captured by, Union forces.

  4. contraband(Adjective)

    prohibited from being traded

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  1. Contraband(noun)

    illegal or prohibited traffic

  2. Contraband(noun)

    goods or merchandise the importation or exportation of which is forbidden

  3. Contraband(noun)

    a negro slave, during the Civil War, escaped to, or was brought within, the Union lines. Such slave was considered contraband of war

  4. Contraband(adj)

    prohibited or excluded by law or treaty; forbidden; as, contraband goods, or trade

  5. Contraband(verb)

    to import illegally, as prohibited goods; to smuggle

  6. Contraband(verb)

    to declare prohibited; to forbid

  7. Origin: [It. contrabando; contra + bando ban, proclamation: cf. F. contrebande. See Ban an edict.]

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  1. Contraband

    The word contraband, reported in English since 1529, from Medieval French contrebande "a smuggling," denotes any item which, relating to its nature, is illegal to be possessed or sold. Used for goods that by their nature, e.g. too dangerous or offensive in the eyes of the legislator are forbidden, and for so-called derivative contraband, i.e. goods that may normally be owned but are liable to be seized because they were used in committing an unlawful act and hence begot illegally, such as: ⁕Smuggling goods ⁕stolen goods – knowingly participating in their trade is an offense in itself, called fencing ⁕the fruits of fraud, forgery etc.

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