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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

con•ta•gious*kənˈteɪ dʒəs(adj.)

  1. capable of being transmitted by bodily contact with an infected person or object:

    contagious diseases.

    Category: Pathology

  2. carrying or spreading a contagious disease.

    Category: Pathology

  3. tending to spread from person to person:

    contagious fear.

* Syn: contagious , infectious are usu. distinguished in technical medical use. contagious , literally “communicable by contact,” describes a very easily transmitted disease, as influenza or the common cold. infectious refers to a disease involving a microorganism that can be transmitted from one person to another only by a specific kind of contact; venereal diseases are usu. infectious. In nontechnical senses, contagious emphasizes the rapidity with which something spreads: Contagious laughter ran through the hall.infectious suggests the pleasantly irresistible quality of something: Her infectious good humor made her a popular guest.

Origin of contagious:

1350–1400; ME < LL

con•ta′gious•ness-dʒiˈɒs ɪ ti(n.)

con•ta`gi•os′i•ty-dʒiˈɒs ɪ ti(n.)

Princeton's WordNet

  1. contagious(adj)

    easily diffused or spread as from one person to another

    "a contagious grin"

  2. catching, communicable, contagious, contractable, transmissible, transmittable(adj)

    (of disease) capable of being transmitted by infection

Kernerman English Learner's Dictionary

  1. contagious(adjective)ənˈteɪ dʒəs

    (of a disease) able to be passed to others


  1. contagious(Adjective)

    Of a disease, easily transmitted to others.

    The flu was so contagious that everybody in town got sick!

  2. contagious(Adjective)

    Of a fashion, laughter, etc., easily passed on to others.

    Wearing jeans was a contagious fad at that time.

  3. contagious(Adjective)

    Of a person, having a disease that can be transmitted to another person by touch.

    They were highly contagious, spreading bacteria to other people.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Contagious(adj)

    communicable by contact, by a virus, or by a bodily exhalation; catching; as, a contagious disease

  2. Contagious(adj)

    conveying or generating disease; pestilential; poisonous; as, contagious air

  3. Contagious(adj)

    spreading or communicable from one to another; exciting similar emotions or conduct in others


  1. Contagious

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spreading from one person to another by physical contact

Is that skin disease contagious?

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