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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

con•struc•tivekənˈstrʌk tɪv(adj.)

  1. promoting further development or advancement; helping to improve (opposed to destructive):

    constructive criticism.

  2. of, pertaining to, or of the nature of construction; structural.

  3. deduced by inference or interpretation.

Origin of constructive:

1670–80; < ML


Princeton's WordNet

  1. constructive(adj)

    constructing or tending to construct or improve or promote development

    "constructive criticism"; "a constructive attitude"; "a constructive philosophy"; "constructive permission"

  2. constructive(adj)

    emphasizing what is laudable or hopeful or to the good

    "constructive criticism"

Kernerman English Learner's Dictionary

  1. constructive(adjective)ənˈstrʌk tɪv

    useful and helpful

    constructive criticism; The discussion was constructive.


  1. constructive(Adjective)

    Relating to construction.

  2. constructive(Adjective)

    Carefully considered and meant to be helpful.

  3. constructive(Adjective)

    Imputed by law; created to give legal effect to something for equitable reasons, as with constructive notice or a constructive trust.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Constructive(adj)

    having ability to construct or form; employed in construction; as, to exhibit constructive power

  2. Constructive(adj)

    derived from, or depending on, construction or interpretation; not directly expressed, but inferred

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Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary


helpful; having to do with making, not with destroying

Constructive criticism tells you both what is wrong and also what to do about it.

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